Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugarpill Cosmetics- Swatches & Comparison to MUFE

Here are side by side comparisons of some of the new Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows next to the Make Up For Ever shadows of the same ilk. On the left are the Sugarpill colors and then the MUFE colors to the right.

In the first photo is SP's Love+ & MUFE #99 Red. This one has to go to Sugarpill! I am SO impressed with this red color I can not even explain it! Just please excuse my dry hands or the cameras ability to pick up detail, you pick.

Next is SP's Buttercupcake & MUFE #2 Yellow. The winner again is Sugarpill! I'm just sad Amy didn't have these out sooner to keep me from buying the MUFE shadows at $19 a pop!

In the second photo we have SP in Dollipop & MUFE #26 Hot Pink. As you can see the SP pink is MUCH pinker for starters and I found it to be a tad more pigmented and just as smooth as MUFE.

The next one is SP's Poison Plum & MUFE #92 Purple. I have to say it's a tie concerning color. They are just two different purples. MUFE being more on the bluer side of purple and the Sugarpill purple has a tad of shimmer to it. BOTH are very good.

Third is SP's Flamepoint & MUFE #18 Orange. The clear winner here is Sugarpill! Way more pigmented and brighter for sure. I definitely had to swipe the color less times with SP.


ToyBox said...

What is the durability like on the SugarPill shadows, though? I know with MUFE they have a very unique formula for their products (as they were all tested for their original contract for Cirque de Soliel) I'll take amazing pigmentation and perfect durability over slightly better pigments and less durable any day :P

Widdlesh said...

Very helpful! I definitely can't wait to get my hands on some Sugarpill stuff :)

Anonymous said...

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