Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nail Look of the Week! (month?)

So, this is kinda ending up looking more like "nail look of the month" right now, but I just don't get around to it right now like I should.  Plus, I've been picking up SO many extra hours at work, it's been insane! 

I used Dior Vernis in #905 Black Sequins and on top is Nicole by OPI's "Let's Get Star-ted" I just added one star to each nail and then because the glitter in the Dior polish doesn't really show through too well, used the purple glitter/clear polish that the stars were floating in from the OPI color to top it off.  From my experience these OPI polishes with the chuncky glitter shapes are hard to remove since you can just remove the polish that's sitting on top of the glitter chunk and nothing that's below it.  Just flick the little fuckers off with a birchwood stick or wedge them off with a fingernail of the other hand.  It's really not that much extra effort after having preped the polishing surface with a 4-way buffer, cutical remover, cutical oil, clipping, & filing.  *shrug*
Look at the state of these!  You can tell I'm no professional at this, but they were really much cuter at the start of the day when I first painted them and you weren't looking at them so darn close!

Til next time MUA's!   Peace!


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! Love the little stars :)

Beatriz said...

hi! you left me this message on my blog: "You've forgot your email address on my blog sale! PLease go back and list your Paypal email so you can get the palette b4 it's gone! Thanks Poe88 "

I honestly dont even remember this! sorry for the inconvenience

esha87 said...

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