Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugarpill Cosmetics- Swatches & Comparison to MUFE

Here are side by side comparisons of some of the new Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows next to the Make Up For Ever shadows of the same ilk. On the left are the Sugarpill colors and then the MUFE colors to the right.

In the first photo is SP's Love+ & MUFE #99 Red. This one has to go to Sugarpill! I am SO impressed with this red color I can not even explain it! Just please excuse my dry hands or the cameras ability to pick up detail, you pick.

Next is SP's Buttercupcake & MUFE #2 Yellow. The winner again is Sugarpill! I'm just sad Amy didn't have these out sooner to keep me from buying the MUFE shadows at $19 a pop!

In the second photo we have SP in Dollipop & MUFE #26 Hot Pink. As you can see the SP pink is MUCH pinker for starters and I found it to be a tad more pigmented and just as smooth as MUFE.

The next one is SP's Poison Plum & MUFE #92 Purple. I have to say it's a tie concerning color. They are just two different purples. MUFE being more on the bluer side of purple and the Sugarpill purple has a tad of shimmer to it. BOTH are very good.

Third is SP's Flamepoint & MUFE #18 Orange. The clear winner here is Sugarpill! Way more pigmented and brighter for sure. I definitely had to swipe the color less times with SP.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nail Look of the Week: Valentine's Day(bleh!)

So, I HATE Valentine's Day, but in the spirit of working in the public eye and in the cosmetics industry, I played along today. This is China Glaze in "Pink Voltage" and Nicole by OPI in "Love Your Life" over the top

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to this feeble first attempt at a beauty blog.

Ok, so, hello! I'm Bettina and I'm a makeup junkie. Let's get this straight's JUST makeup, not beauty products, hair do-dads, skins creams, clothes, OR shoes. Well, I do like nail polish, but that will not be the main focus of this blog. I'm also a Sephora employee and I will be reviewing quite a few products from a lot of cosmetic companies new Spring lines.(Disclaimer: Although I am an employee of Sephora USA, Inc., in no way do my opinions or statements represent the company. I am also not paid for my opinions by Sephora or any other cosmetics company) If you have any questions feel free to ask. So, in keeping with short and sweet when NOT reviewing or commenting on anything makeup related products. Keep it real MUA's!